Air and Bone Conduction Diagnostic Audiometer

Air and Bone Conduction Diagnostic Audiometer

£1,599.00 Price inl. VAT £1,918.80

Audiometer ADS104 is a diagnostic instrument that uses pure tone signals to check for hearing loss at various frequencies. It mainly uses a microcomputer control host and can perform separate tests without connecting to a computer.

£1,599.00 Price inl. VAT £1,918.80£1,599.00 Price inl. VAT £1,918.80£1,599.00 Price inl. VAT £1,918.80
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Product Specifications  

  • Extended range function: If haven’t select, AC output restrictions smaller than maximum output 20 dB
  • Input : pure tone, warble tone ±5%, 5Hz Sine wave frequency modulation.
  • Masking : Both air conduction and bone conduction can do masking
  • Computer Interface: USB data transfer interface, can transfer data to computer, and also can set up personalized print reports.
  • Output : Air conduction earphone(L/R), Bone conduction earphone(L/R), Insert earphone, Insert masking.
  • Transducer : TDH 39 earphone (standard configuration)
  • Ear~Tone 5A Insert earphone (Optional)
  • B71 bone conduction earphone (standard configuration)
  • Monitor function: Optional
  • Feedback words : Built-in feedback words microphone. 50-90 dB SPL can be continuous adjust in panel.
  • Send test voice: Manual or automatic/ Monopulse/ Multiple-pulse
  • Frequency selection :If you need to fast test, you can select 250 Hz,750 Hz,1500Hz, 4k Hz or 6k Hz.
  • Display : Letter-figure
  • Patient signal: Responser
  • Structure : Engineering plastic shell
  • Attenuator control : Standard rotary switch (can choose Push-button switch)
  • Power supply: Outer type regulated power supply (standard configuration), 220-230V,50-60 Hz
  • Fuse : T2A Built-in fuse
  • Size : 45cm*30cm*7cm
  • Net Weight :1775g
  • Standard accessory: TDH39 Air conduction earphone, B71 Bone conduction earphone, responser, power cable, USB cable, CD software
  • audiometric leaves.

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