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Dental Laser Pen

Introducing the Dental Laser Pen – 12/12/2017 Here at ADS Medicare we are always seeking to provide cutting edge products to our customers. Dental technology is dynamic and is changing all the time. As such, it is critical that dental professionals are receptive to new technologies that will ultimately improve patient care. One such product is the “Dental Laser Pen.”

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Uses of Laryngoscopes

A laryngoscope is an instrument that is used by medical professionals to examine the larynx and for the placement of an endotracheal tube. A specialist ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor will use the instrument to perform a laryngoscopy. Broadly speaking there are two types of laryngoscopes: indirect and direct.



The led display fingertip pulse oximeter from ADS Medical is a small and compact pusle oximeter which is ajustable to any adult sized finger. This hinge also helps prevent interference from ambient light.
This oximeter is composed of an easy battery removal. The quick snap –off allows for an easy removal batteries and takes screws out of the equation. It uses 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries. You will also see a low battery indicator to signal use to replace your batteries.



An otoscope is a hand-held instrument with a tiny light and a cone-shaped attachment called an ear speculum. It is used to examine the ear canal.

An ear examination is a normal part of most routine physical examinations by a doctor or nurse. It is also done when an ear infection or other type of ear problem is suspected. An otoscope allows the doctor to look into the ear canal to see the ear drum. Redness or fluid in the eardrum can indicate an ear infection. Some otoscopes (called pneumatic otoscopes) can deliver a small puff of air to the eardrum to see if the eardrum will vibrate (which is normal). An ear examination with an otoscope can also detect a build-up of wax in the ear canal or a rupture or puncture of the eardrum.