Introducing the Dental Laser Pen – 12/12/2017

Here at ADS Medicare we are always seeking to provide cutting edge products to our customers. Dental technology is dynamic and is changing all the time. As such, it is critical that dental professionals are receptive to new technologies that will ultimately improve patient care.

One such product is the “Dental Laser Pen.” Following years of rigorous testing and research, this pen has been found to improve the performance of regular dental procedures such as gum contouring. The pen offers a multitude of benefits to patients including faster recovery times and a reduced probability of infection. Additionally, in some cases the use of the pen means that there is no need for local anaesthetic to be use. Ultimately, the use of this technology will serve to improve patient care.

The Dental Laser Pen is available at an affordable price and promises to be a growing necessity in a contemporary dentist’s arsenal.

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